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Future News Worldwide refers to, as its title suggests, world-class journalism and connects tomorrow’s global elite with the cutting-edge information of today. It’s a collaboration programme between some of the worlds most prestigious media organisations and the prestigious British Council. By participating in Future News Worldwide you can be part of a small team which reporting valuable content on current affairs, breaking news stories, celebrity news, environmental news, health news, local news, and more. Whether it’s global reporting, breaking the story on a local story, or preparing a news report from a small town in the UK, you’ll always find it interesting and relevant.

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If you feel that journalism skills aren’t in you – that you’re more suited to a digital career, or perhaps you have a particular area of interest that’s not covered by the media, then Future News is definitely for you. The quality of content and the support offered to you is top-notch, and you’ll often find that your questions are answered and your feedback is provided quickly. If this isn’t enough, consider the range of resources available to you. Not only can you access extensive information about world events, but you can also access up-to-date reports on key political issues, health news, business news, technology news and more.

Whether you’re looking to write short articles, participate in a reporting course, or you simply want to give yourself the opportunity to enhance your skills and knowledge, then Future News is an ideal opportunity for you. This is part of a growing partnership programme launched by leading media organisations, and through which award-winning journalist’s and bloggers from around the world can submit reports, feature stories and updates. Future News Worldwide is free to join, and all submissions are valued by the various leading media organisations who run the partnership programme. You can contribute thoughtfully and creatively to the website, contributing to a wide range of topics which challenge and inform the audience today.

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