Journal of Agricultural Research

Agricultural Information Worldwide is a peer-reviewed, internet based journal that publishing high quality professional articles on all facets of the agricultural information science. With membership numbers believed to be in the thousands, and with the ability to publish to a global audience, the members can be assured of getting the information that they need from the most reliable experts in their fields. This is a valuable service to the agriculture information science (especially to those in the sciences) world. The Journal has a unique feature that sets it apart – a prominent online presence. This ensures that those in other areas and disciplines can access the valuable content on the website and benefit from the expert knowledge that can be found in the Journal.

information worldwide

A strong and consistent online presence is important for any reputable scholarly publisher. It ensures that the right kind of information can be accessed by those looking for information on a particular subject matter. Such information is of paramount importance in ensuring the sustainability of modern agricultural systems. The Journal is committed to improving the knowledge and use of information technology and agronomy in the fields of agriculture. Its focus is on scientific research in the agricultural sciences. It also strives to promote inter-disciplinary interaction, especially among its members.

The global scope of the Agricultural Information World Wide makes it the perfect venue to publish and distribute high quality research outputs and related agricultural news to a wide audience. This knowledge is of immense value not only to individuals who work in the relevant fields but also to people who are concerned about the well being of our planet. It is through the knowledge of farmers that advancements in the agricultural fields are made. The Journal of Agricultural Research is therefore important for those involved in the fields of agriculture, to share information on their research and progress. This knowledge is also crucial for farmers all over the world who rely on the information to protect their livelihoods and protect the environment.

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