The Power of the News

How important is the media in our everyday lives? In fact, the media is more powerful that any other form of advertising today. Examples of media for advertising are television, radio, magazines, newspapers, billboards, roadside banners, and even video games. The power of the media is greater than any form of advertising.


Examples of news: Any one can pick up a paper and read about anything. Examples of news are an item in the daily newspaper about a birth in a local hospital, or a story on some major business event. Some examples of news programs include a news segment, reporter, and anchor. These news programs are often accompanied by other media such as photos, charts, maps, graphs, and actuaries. The end result of all this media is a story that makes an important contribution to the public awareness of current events and trends.

How does this work? All major news agencies have their own channels. They compete with each other for advertising dollars. When someone searches for the word “news” in a search engine, all of the news media organizations’ sites are listed right along with the other major ones like CNN, BBC, AP, Fox, CNET, and numerous others. So you can imagine how important it is to find news and current events through all of these sources.

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