A New Journalism Fad?

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A New Journalism Fad?

Future News Worldwide is an initiative between the British Council, the BBC and some of the leading international media organisations. The aim is for young people in the United Kingdom to build up a wide variety of new journalism skills, and also to set the UK out as an international leader in the developing of new media personalities and journalism skills. This can only be a good thing for the UK and will help it grow into a more progressive nation with a greater ability to co-operate with other nations. Growing independent media has a lot to offer the younger generation. It should be encouraged, and Future News Worldwide seems to have taken that suggestion very seriously indeed.

Coaching – Future News Worldwide now offers a number of Future News workshops, for journalists, writers and bloggers, which enable them to develop their skills, and learn about how advanced technologies are developing newsworthy items that can help them to inform the public. For example, the Future News Workshop at the British Council’s London headquarters during March this year offered training and ideas about how to use social media effectively to improve your business and personal life. This workshop, led by freelance journalist Jade Johnson Watson, who has won many awards for her work in print and online, explored the use of Twitter to increase the flow of information, how to write properly to make your readers trust you, and how to create a compelling and authoritative blog to really make an impact.

Future News Worldwide is still in development stages, and it remains to be seen whether or not it will achieve its objectives, but Jade has definitely captured the imagination of the audience. And Jade, with her impressive list of accolades to her name, has a clear understanding of how advancing technology and new media organisation can help to deliver news faster, better and at a lower cost. She is well worth following on Twitter. If you want to get the latest updates on the world around you, why not subscribe to the Future News Network, and to learn more about how you can help to shape the future of news through online publications, web journalism, and social media. You could also contact the editor at the BGC, Bob Davis, and let him know how interested you are in working with him to help make the news you’re reading even more relevant, exciting and visible to people all over the world.

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