A Partnership Programme Between the British Council and Some of the Leading Media Companies

Future News Worldwide is an exciting and innovative joint venture programme between the British Council, some of the leading international media companies and the global brands. It brings together the best in industry knowledge and innovation to provide the most cutting edge information to one of the biggest global communities. This global network of organisations supports the growth of new and exciting ideas at the forefront of business innovation. The programme is designed to help those in the media industry to create stories that have real meaning to the audience in a way that will make an impact and have long lasting impact on their audience. This can be done by reporting news that has the potential to change perceptions and attitudes.

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There are four areas in which the Future News Worldwide collaboration focuses its efforts: human factors, business, social media and technologies. The human factors category looks at how changing attitudes and practices can affect businesses, the everyday consumer and even the government. Business concerns take into account issues such as employment, investment, regulation, competition and manufacturing. Social media and technologies are wide ranging topics that encompass everything from product development to internet and mobile applications to digital publishing and social networking.

It is a great opportunity for those involved in the business side of things to gain insight and perspective from industry experts and consultants who will pool their experience and knowledge of the ever changing business environment. This is important because it means that news organisations will be better placed to identify emerging trends and problems. By doing this they can develop news content which is relevant to their readers. In addition to Future News Worldwide, the British Council has also launched the Future Trends Journal, which brings together business and non-profit organisations to explore the future of technology and society.

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