AIDS/HIV Education, Reporting and Awareness Programs

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AIDS/HIV Education, Reporting and Awareness Programs

In preparation for the Covid 19 World AIDS conference which begins in ten cities across the globe on March 20th, all press outlets are being requested to send their journalists as a guest of honor to attend the Future News Worldwide summit. This is the first time that journalists from all worldwide media outlets will be allowed into the summit. The Covid 19 Youth Media Summit is designed to increase youth involvement in HIV prevention and education. Many youth organizations and non-governmental organizations are also joining forces with the hope of bringing together youth from different regions and cultures to raise awareness for the deadly disease. Although, the conference organizers expect presenters to share information and expertise from their region or from around the globe, they also expect news from the youth and health sectors, as well as other non-profit organizations that focus on AIDS and HIV prevention.

The Future News Worldwide summit is a one year event, running from late January to early February, where hundreds of youth, students, HIV educators, media professionals, academics and entrepreneurs will come together to discuss everything that happens in the world of HIV and AIDS prevention, along with what one can do to stop the pandemic from spreading to other countries. Because of the recently passed pandemic, the Future News Worldwide summit will move online in 2021. It will bring together more than 200 young journalists from all around the world to get news tips from leading media sources at two separate online conferences. The first one year Global News Specialization Briefing will tackle education systems and youth participation in education.

The second will feature national and world leaders, members of government and major players in the field of journalism and media figures. There are a total of six topics that will be covered during the one year event, including: youth participation in combating AIDS/HIV, new drugs to prevent the disease, new HIV treatment advancements, global health challenges, alternative medicine, media coverage on AIDS/HIV, and issues in the health sector directly affecting youth, such as drug abuse. Speakers at the event include former interns to AIDS/HIV organizations; members of governments and major organizations; youth scholars; members of the press; as well as international news reporters. For those interested in blogging about the event, there is a dedicated blogging platform.

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