InfoWorld is a unique online information portal offering visitors a one-of-a-kind perspective from around the world. Information is available at any time of the day – the link is quick and easy to find. It’s so simple that a child can search for, and view, information in minutes.

info worldwide

What sets InfoWorld apart is its interactive nature. Each page of the site has an “additional” quiz for the user to answer to increase his or her knowledge. Once the quiz is answered, the visitor has the ability to send in his or her own question via email. This way, even if someone doesn’t know how to use a computer, he or she can still have the knowledge and expertise needed to get the questions answered that need to be answered on that particular subject.

InfoWorld also offers an extended service that extends beyond its content. One-time fees are charged for membership which allows access to the “special reports” section, which delves deeper into the subject matter of the site. In addition, each week there is an informative quiz that allows you to reveal your inner knowledge of the info worldwide. There is even a “leadership” section (to help you become a contributor to the site) where valued subscribers can post their ideas and issues that need resolution. And the best thing is: no membership is required to access this invaluable information! Enjoy your stay!

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