Join The Future Of Journalism With A Leadership And Reporting Skills Training Course

Future News Worldwide is an innovative joint programme between the British Council and several of the leading international media organisations. Each year the company recruits 100 of the worlds most dynamic, driven and ambitious student media leaders to attend a six-month intensive multimedia training programme at the prestigious Institute of Education, London. During this time students from around the globe are provided the opportunity to gain expert training in growing new digital technology, advance their skills as a story teller and gain a deeper understanding of global issues and events.

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The newsymphologists who graduate from Future News Worldwide’s International Student Program are then offered a number of industry recognised placement opportunities with top UK based companies. Participating companies include BICE, BBC Worldwide and Accenture. This prestigious and comprehensive six month intensive multimedia programme provides students with the unique opportunity to become a part of one of the leading media organisations in the world, whilst experiencing firsthand the continuous growth of online media in both the digital and traditional sectors. The Future News Festival runs over four days each year and will provide participants with the chance to become part of a one day event and work alongside renowned guest speakers and industry key people from the world over. The talented and experienced graduate newsymphagi will meet and work side by side with industry leaders, share valuable networking experiences and gain valuable career experience whilst gaining exciting and challenging new skills development.

The Future News Festival supports young people’s journalism skills, utilising a hands-on approach with the mentoring and consulting service Future Media Solutions (FMSI). Each young journalist will gain specialist training in new media, leadership and developing their own freelance portfolio. Additionally they will learn important strategies and techniques such as SEO, social media and SEO copywriting. The company also recognises that young people need support when starting out in the industry and supports them in using the many popular social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, and using the freelance writing services to maximise exposure. For more information on this and other exciting upcoming events please visit the website below.

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