New Partnership for Educational News

Future News Worldwide is an alliance programme between some of the leading international media organisations and the British Council. The aim is for young people in the United Kingdom to develop an array of journalism skills, and to set the UK as an innovative and progressive international leader in the upbringing of media personalities and new news outlets. The organisation works with leading media outlets from around the globe, to create news content in a variety of formats. This content is designed to be of interest to a range of target audience.

For the Education Systems in the United Kingdom, this is part of a wider response to addressing a number of issues, including encouraging greater participation and engagement in classrooms, and developing quality teaching and learning in classrooms. It is part of the Education Council for England’s (ECE) strategy on combating social change and diversity in education. The strategy includes a series of activities, such as Ideas for Social Change and Citizenship in Education, which are designed to build upon the success of the last decade’s initiatives to improve classroom quality and student achievement and attitudes towards social change. This latest partnership between news worldwide and the ECE builds upon those previous achievements, and also looks at new opportunities arising through the development of new forms of digital news distribution. This would include digital newsrooms and online news distribution.

The first recipients of news worldwide services were from the BBC World Service, which used its contacts in Hollywood to launch the award winning World Service program to coincide with the Academy Awards ceremony in 2021. Since then other leading media organisations including the BBC have been involved in supporting the programme. News worldwide has also supported several other major journalism organisations including the Guardian, which launched its first radio news service in July 2021. In total, more than thirty broadcasters have signed up with Future Media, the business behind the news organisation.

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