The World Is Your Market

“Worldwide Brands” is an umbrella term that is used by many online businesses to describe sites that reach beyond the boundaries of their own country or region. “Worldwide” refers to the general use of the Internet across the globe, rather than a specific geographic location having just Internet users. World Wide Web is meant to enable visitors to access data on the Internet regardless of where they’re located, and therefore allow for worldwide distribution of data.


There are many benefits to using “worldwide Brands” as a brand, both for the company and for the user. Because of this brand positioning, companies are able to do things like run marketing campaigns across borders, provide products and services outside of their home turf, and use localized advertising to target markets that would otherwise be out-of-reach. Localizing a website also helps the company avoid certain practices associated with spam, such as excessive redirects, excessive keyword stuffing, and similar issues. By being able to tap into markets that might otherwise be out-of-reach, a company is more likely to see success. It is also a good way to make sure that the product that you intend on distributing becomes available in all areas.

A “Worldwide Brand” can also help promote a new product or service, or can help promote an existing product or service that has a worldwide distribution network. For instance, a car service may want to expand into other regions, but wouldn’t be able to advertise across the U.S. because of laws that prohibit advertising within the state. A worldwide brand strategy could help them promote their service nationwide.

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