World Wide Development Program in Fiji


World Wide Development Program in Fiji

World Wide Web: the worldwide phenomenon of reaching out to millions of users at the same time. Well! it is the fact! Worldwide means “all places”; but excluding land boundaries and water routes. So you can say that Worldwide is “the internet + culture” or “the whole world + culture”.

Let us focus on one example: AIDS. AIDS is a life-threatening disease because it is communicable; so is all the epidemics and infectious diseases. So the first thing we should look into in South Africa is getting rid of the AIDS virus, which is communicable and is a cause for the death of thousands of people in the mother country of South Africa. It is a problem because if we don’t deal with this problem now; there will be millions of other children dead in five years.

In other words, we should do something about this before the situation gets worse. That is why we need to look into the world-wide development projects in south Africa – to address the issues around AIDS, malnutrition and child health. This is only possible with the help of WHO, UN, ICM REACH (World Health Organization Regional Office for Nutrition), FDI in Fiji, and other organizations. Please consider all this in 2021.

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