Worldwide Drug Resistance

The world is literally at the outbreak of an all time high in Drug Resistance and the global trade in drugs has reached $ 64 trillion dollars. The phenomenon is no doubt adding to today’s global medical emergency. The band formed in the early 90s and quickly gained popularity worldwide with numerous club gigs at popular venues.


On a worldwide basis an estimated 7OSM per annum is sold worldwide. Of those sold over six million kilos a week is produced in Australia alone. So, if one was to calculate the number of deaths caused by unsafe and illicit drugs worldwide it would certainly show a very grim figure. This then leads to a very worrying situation for public health professionals.

So what can be done? Firstly the current situation must be addressed by governments at all levels. As these diseases spread and are treated more people will die. It is important now that every single person who uses a drug not only seeks advice on its suitability but also receives education on its ill effects. And it is also essential that those who have taken a drug not consume any other drugs that may have the potential to cause the problem again.

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