4 Reasons for Worldwide Protests


4 Reasons for Worldwide Protests

Worldwide means including two countries, this kind of marketing is an international medium. For instance, if a dairy or bakery business of Bangkok has its own branch in USA then it would be deemed as a global medium. Global can even be used as a synonym for worldwide. It’s the way a lot of businesses, big and small, are trying to penetrate international markets, as the need for global businesses are on the rise due to the current scenario of the economy of Asia.

There was a time that we thought that only large conglomerates can compete in the market, but today many companies are providing services and products that are available globally, just like Nike shoes, McDonald’s hamburgers and other internationally popular brands are. Now we also see some of small and medium size companies taking an international marketing strategy by providing services across different countries. This global expansion has brought about a number of challenges for all businesses and especially for small and medium size businesses that cannot afford to lose customers in one country and have their sales halted in another country. In fact, these new challenges that arise due to these global expansion strategies, also pose a serious threat for the future of the free market system. It has been seen in the past few years that a number of mergers have occurred due to some multinational companies expanding their business to different countries and some even move their headquarters into that country where the business is doing extremely well.

As a business owner, if you hear some news about any disruption in your business due to some worldwide protests, don’t be surprised. These worldwide protests are a challenge not only for the people who are affected, but more importantly it is a challenge for the whole world. When will people realize that they are being sacrificed for the sake of a few selfish individuals? It seems that these selfish people have forgotten that everything comes from the fruits of one’s labor. Therefore, when there are worldwide protests and inconvenience in one place or another, it’s the duty of every person to rise above this prejudice and help bring peace and order to the people concerned.

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