Information About Information on International Agriculture

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Information About Information on International Agriculture

Agricultural Information Worldwide is a peer-reviewed electronic journal that publishes peer-reviewed articles on all facets of the agricultural information trade. Articles are reviewed by members of the American Society of Agriculture, the National Science Foundation and the United States Department of Agriculture. Research articles dealing with issues relevant to agriculture are always considered for print publication. Topics include communications and information activities relating to the applied science and information science research sectors of agriculture, including information worldwide on agriculture, food and agriculture, horticulture, dairy, poultry, forestry, fruit and vegetable industry, livestock, wildlife, general agriculture and water management. The journal also publishes specialized issues on topics that cross the boundaries of agriculture.

Issues are published on an irregular basis to keep the momentum of the global ad market. In the last ten years alone there has been a growth of almost thirty percent in the volume of published articles, reviews and commentaries. Issues are written by agricultural scientists, consultants, university professors, commercial agriculturalists, government agricultural agents, rural extension officers and other individuals with significant experience in international and domestic agriculture issues. Authors of selected articles based on different disciplines within the context of agriculture and e-commerce are solicited for publication. An abundance of timely, informative, comprehensive, and well-argued articles are provided to facilitate the understanding and appreciation of the global agricultural market.

Issues are indexed according to various disciplines: crop diseases and pests, marketing strategies, food and nutrition, animal feed markets, fertilizer markets, environmental quality, human health and nutrition, government programs, technology transfer, agriculture business development, international trade and environment, agriculture management, agricultural finance, marketing practices, agriculture statistics, animal feeds, packaged foods, fertilizers, agriculture chemicals and equipment, food safety, agriculture information systems, and agricultural engineering. There are many other issues on agriculture and global economics and agriculture is one of the fastest growing sectors worldwide. Issues dealing with food ingredients, health, nutrition, general agriculture, organic farming, and the environment are also addressed. Issues on global poverty, agricultural policy, climate change, global health and food security are also included.

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