Agricultural Research and Information

Agricultural Information Worldwide is a peer-reviewed, electronic journal that publishes original high quality articles on topics related to the agricultural information science. In APRIL, the journal will feature the “Best of the Forums” selections, to be published in the second half of the year. This special issue is designed to encourage fresh and emerging writers, as well as editors and reviewers, from around the world. APRIL is published by The Association of American Feed Control Officials (AACCFOL). The mission of Agricultural Information Worldwide, Inc. (AITC), is to publish the most current information on agriculture, food and feed. This includes a directory of agriculture journals, technical papers and dissertations, newsletters, free reports and other information on agriculture issues.

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Agricultural Information Worldwide’s mission is dedicated to promoting agriculture, research and education worldwide. Through APRIL, the readers can gain access to the most current information on world agriculture, food and feed. AITC has grown to be the leading organization dedicated to promoting quality information worldwide. Through its journals, web site, newsletters, presentations and farmer education programs, it helps to make valuable and relevant information available to the broad range of people who are interested in agricultural research, information technology, agriculture, food and feed, and the agriculture industry in general.

Agricultural information worldwide is for anyone who is concerned with agriculture and food. Whether you’re a professional within the agricultural industry, a student or a researcher, with a special interest in this important subject, you’ll find everything you need here. APRIL magazine is one of the best and most popular agricultural information sources available, providing cutting-edge information and the latest research and analysis from around the world.

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