How Reportingage Can Best Serve A World In Need

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How Reportingage Can Best Serve A World In Need

Future News Worldwide is an exciting partnership programme between the British Council, some of the world’s top media organisations and the worldwide media industry. The mission is to support young individuals to build a robust portfolio of journalism skills, and to set the UK as a leader in the development of global media and journalism. The activities designed to help students develop both skills and knowledge are designed to give students real world experience of what it takes to work in a professional environment, and hands-on experience which can then be transferred to their own profession later on. For many students, the key aim of Future News is internship – this can be hard to achieve within a university or college, where every student is required to spend four years learning and studying just one subject. However, by joining up at one of the Future News Internships supported by the British Council you will be given the opportunity to gain valuable experience and develop managerial and leadership skills, while meeting prospective employers and learning new marketing and communication skills.

The participating news organisations are listed below with brief details of each organisation: Al Jazeera English, BBC World Service, Caged Fire, Buzzfeed, The Daily Telegraph, BBC Scotland, Financial Times, Glam TV, ITV, Radio 4 Live, and TNN (The National News Service). Future News Worldwide supports a variety of different news organisations through mentoring, workshops and development projects. Students may complete a placement with a chosen university to cover tuition costs, and future networking opportunities with potential employers are often arranged as part of this Future News Experience.

At the end of April, we will celebrate twenty-one years of Future News worldwide and this celebration will be an opportunity for the leading media organisations to take stock in their achievement since the partnership was launched. This marks the dawn of a new era in the way that digital newsgathering is done, and I am sure that the media organisations, and specifically those representing youth and the underprivileged will take much credit for making this happen. As they embark on their mission of transforming young minds through digital engagement with communities, they will be leading the way for the rest of us to get our news from the online experts.

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