Diversity of Voice in the Newsroom

We have all heard about some of the major headlines that appear in newspapers and other media, such as Hurricane Katrina, terror attacks, natural disasters, school shootings, floods, hurricanes, violence, conflicts, death, birth defects, and many other news events that make the front page of a newspaper, or the lead story on television news. Examples of newsworthy events include political events, natural disasters, celebrity news, and world news. Most news organizations strive to deliver first-hand information to its audience through the mediums available to them, and the same can be said for local news channels. Local news channels serve as a source of information for residents and tourists alike. Many news outlets have websites as well, which allows them to host a variety of news videos that can be viewed by online users or viewed directly through the news channel website.


Social media has had a large impact on the news selections that are distributed to viewers. In recent years, news outlets such as CNN and The New York Times have begun actively posting videos, articles, and photographs on their websites and mobile apps to allow users to get up-to-the-minute information on the topics they are covering, rather than relying on traditional media sources that deliver long and often uninteresting articles that only serve to fill space on the Internet. Examples of social-media news selections include: celebrity news, school news, local food news, immigration news, weather and climate news, beauty news, technology news, and more. In addition to live news broadcasts on television, many news outlets have also begun offering up-to-date news stories online through social-media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter, as well.

With these new studies, it is clear that consumers expect more from news sources. When they see content that they feel is informative and potentially helpful to their current needs, they will more likely continue to seek out that particular content through other outlets, thus furthering the diversity of news distribution. By providing consumers with more useful content, newsrooms can help ensure that a diversity of voices is maintained in the marketplace. In turn, this helps to ensure that diversity of opinions and ideas is protected within the marketplace. As the world of news continues to evolve toward an increased focus on quality and accuracy, organizations that specialize in newsgathering are becoming essential components of the industry.

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