The Role of an Agricultural Information Specialist

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The Role of an Agricultural Information Specialist

Agricultural Information Worldwide is a peer-reviewed, electronic, peer-to-peer (EPR) journal that publishes high quality original articles focusing on all facets of the agricultural information science. It also publishes related research and associate reviews. The main aim of this organization is to promote and grow collaboration in the field of agriculture. In this sense it is not a scientific journal, but rather an information service. The main feature of this journal is that it is internationally recognized. It can be downloaded free from the web site and is available to all members as a free copy.

The organization has a special rapporteur or a social media analyst who is tasked with writing specialized articles for its members. The special rapporteur is appointed by the National Academies, a professional body of scientists and educationists who are experts on agriculture and nutrition. This person is selected after due evaluation of his/her credentials and performance in the field. He/She is then sent to handle the issue of misinformation regarding any aspect of agriculture. For instance, there can be issues regarding the use of pesticides, fertilizers, genetically modified food crops, food safety and contamination of drinking water.

This article is meant to raise doubts regarding the credibility of such organizations which are involved in disseminating misinformation. Some of the issues discussed are: the use of fake photographs in fake news, the spreading of rumors through emails and on websites, and the spreading of false information through the World Wide Web. It is important to note that when such organizations have their own special rapporteur on the field, they do not undertake activities to cast doubt on the credibility of the said organization. This article is also meant to serve as a warning to those who indulge in disseminating false information on the Internet that, if they are detected, they may be exposed to legal actions.

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