False Information on Biotechnology in Food Safety and Policy Areas Posed by an Informational Journal

Agricultural Research Digest is a peer-review journal that publishes research articles dealing with the advancements in agriculture worldwide. This is one of the best journals dealing with agriculture worldwide. Articles related to agriculture research and development are published by members of this professional association. Research articles having practical applications in today’s agriculture are also considered for publication; thereby providing a very wide and effective arena for researchers and practitioners. In recent years, Agriculture Research Digest has also started publishing special issues on agriculture research and development.

information worldwide

The Journal of Bioenvironmental Sciences is a specialized online journal which enjoys a readership in its scientific, technical and social media. Specialized topics of interest to the audience belonging to the scientific community are discussed in this journal. This is one of the major websites on issues related to bioorganic technologies and green building.

The Journal of Environmental Quality Services is a non-profit membership organization founded in 1974. It aims at developing knowledge on the subject of environmental quality services. Issues related to waste and sewage, occupational safety and health, and sustainable development are included in its scope. The aim of this is to disseminate information worldwide on the problems faced by consumers, policy makers, managers, policy makers, and decision makers on the environment and food security. A special rapporteur on food ingredients, a microbiologist, a geneticist, and a geoscientist are appointed by the governing board of JETSA to work as consultants to help them in their areas of concern.

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