Future News Worldwide and the Rise of Video Journalism

Future News Worldwide is an initiative programme between the British Council, the BBC and some of the leading international media organisations. The programme was launched in May 2021 with the goal of inspiring young people around the world to build a wide range of critical thinking skills, gain a diversity of experience and develop an interest in the global community. Over the past year, the programme has had huge success in engaging millions of young people from a variety of backgrounds through its events and activities.

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The Future News Worldwide project was launched by the British Council as part of their strategy to support young professionals and enterprising young people in the global marketplace. This is an excellent opportunity for students to not only gain experience but to also learn about the skills they will need to enter the profession in a highly competitive market place. Future News Worldwide supports a wide range of projects and activities across a variety of sectors from education, public health and business to the vital global challenges. These challenges face us today and if we do not learn how to meet these challenges we will be unable to serve the growing population in the way that we are able to. The project’s activities and projects to help young people around the world to think about and create solutions for the challenges facing society in all its aspects.

We have been very fortunate at the British Council to partner with some very prestigious and experienced organisations, which have shaped the Future News Worldwide initiative and provided key inputs over the last year. These include the Wellcome Trust, Microsoft, PricewaterhouseCoopers, the BBC and the author and graphic novelist, Kevin Costner. The involvement from some very high profile people from the world of entertainment, politics, sport, finance and the media brings added significance and interest to the programme. This initiative is part of a wider strategy from the Trust, which is dedicated to building upon the development of new technology and digital media to improve service, consumer engagement and digital consumerism. This year’s edition of the Future of News will be released in June.

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