How to Search for Agricultural Journals Worldwide

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How to Search for Agricultural Journals Worldwide

The Journal of International Agriculture is a peer-reviewed information source for all those involved in agricultural research, development and marketing. The primary objective of the journal is to contribute to an international understanding of the global agricultural industry, and to promote awareness of key issues concerning the agricultural industry. It also aims at promoting higher levels of productivity, technological innovation and economic growth by ensuring that all relevant information is made openly available to all interested parties. In short, it provides a forum for international cooperation in order to achieve the common goal of increased food production and consumption worldwide.

Agricultural Research worldwide has helped to transform the way global food markets operate today. The latest journals on agriculture provide the latest in research and development in various sectors such as pharmaceuticals, nutrition, food and agriculture. Through these journals, experts have been able to build better knowledge on the prevention and management of disease, as well as advancements in agricultural technologies that are responsible for changing the way we eat. This has resulted in substantial improvement in nutrition, as well as development of more effective, economical and sustainable food systems. Through these journals, the latest information on global problems and situations affecting the agricultural industry is made widely available to a variety of audiences including policy makers, scientists, journalists, educators, farmers, negotiators and other individuals.

There is also a variety of specialized journals which focus on specific topics related to agricultural science, agriculture, nutrition and food market development. These specialized journals provide a rich source of information on specific aspects of agricultural production and distribution around the world. Such specialized journals not only serve as a source of information worldwide, but also serve to improve technical and managerial aspects of agriculture. Such specialized information is essential for developing policies and techniques which can be used to speed up the agricultural process and improve farm productivity. This would lead to better utilization of agricultural resources for economic development and would increase food exports.

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