Future News Worldwide: Controversial News Generation by Young Technologists

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Future News Worldwide: Controversial News Generation by Young Technologists

Future News Worldwide is an initiative programme between the British Council, the European Union and the world’s leading media organisations. The aim is to help young people from across the globe to build a range of distinctive journalism skills, and to establish the UK as an increasingly progressive, international leader in the developing of young media figures and journalism professionals. It will allow participants in the Future News Worldwide programme to get expert guidance and an insight into the most important issues affecting young people today, whilst giving them the opportunity to make a significant and profound contribution to global journalism. It is hoped that this initiative, alongside the work and study links currently being developed by the British Council, will go a long way towards ensuring that all young people living in the UK have access to the skills they need to become engaged and active members of society.

This innovative programme is designed to build a bridge between young people in the UK and around the world. It will allow participants to use cutting edge technology to help create and publish breaking news stories and feature stories, and also allows young people from across the country and beyond to submit short reports and submissions online, following the same guidelines and submission guidelines as all those involved in the Future News Network. In doing so, it hopes to take a step forward in tackling some of today’s key issues and to increase the diversity of perspectives and news sources through the participation of young online users who are passionate about challenging conventional wisdom and promoting social change.

Future News Worldwide has received backing from one of the biggest development charities in the United Kingdom, the Wellcome Trust. This organization works with young people around the world to create new ways of using technology to make a positive impact on communities and give rise to good public policy. Through the use of this software, news organisations can access the valuable information provided by young people and ensure that the information reaches a very wide audience, rather than being restricted to a small geographical area. Through Future News Worldwide, young people are able to help contribute their own unique take on world news, by writing short articles and submissions on topics they feel strongly about. If you have an opinion about something that is not being covered by the major news networks or even if you want to write an article to increase awareness of an important cause or issue, then Future News is the place for you.

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