Information on the World Wide Web About Agriculture

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Information on the World Wide Web About Agriculture

Agricultural Information Worldwide is an online peer-reviewed journal which publishes high quality written articles on all facets of the agricultural information industry. It brings together agricultural specialists from around the world, bringing to light new developments in the field of agriculture and related research. The aim of this site is to make its readers well-informed about the global food market, and to enable them to take appropriate action. This is achieved by presenting researchers and other members of the industry with fresh and current scientific research and comment.

Agricultural Information Worldwide aims at promoting the development of agriculture and related research and at providing agricultural researchers, professionals and students with up-to-date and well-researched material. This publication is the outcome of an agreement between the World Science Association and the National Academy of Sciences. The aim is to promote communication and cooperation among scientific and engineering communities with an aim to improve the quality and impact of agricultural research. In fact, the academy has been instrumental in ensuring that the standards of publishing in journals are consistently high.

Agricultural Information Worldwide strives to ensure that its writers are fully qualified to present their views on topics relevant to the agricultural industry. The site encourages debate and suggestions for improving the quality of research and for expanding the base of knowledge in the field of agricultural science, technology, farming and food. Agricultural Information Worldwide welcomes contributions from all people involved in the global food market, including policy makers, consumers, trade and farmer’s organizations, suppliers of agricultural products and other interested and knowledgeable parties. The aim is to contribute to a better understanding of food markets, agricultural science and technology, agriculture and related research and to strengthen the global food market. It welcomes papers that include perspectives from a variety of disciplines, as well as from any of the many sub-topics included in the subject area.

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