How to Report Worldwide Income to the FBI

The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and other federal agencies and police forces in over 90 countries around the globe have been assisting citizens in identifying, preventing, and countering financial crimes for decades, yet few people are aware that they can report their own financial crimes to the FBI for investigation. To report a crime, one must first know what a financial crime is, how it can be investigated and prosecution for financial fraud or money laundering, and what laws an individual must comply with to make their crime report. This article briefly introduces the three main features of how you can report a worldwide fraud problem online to the FBI through its website known as e-filing.

report worldwide

First, when you report worldwide, you must file a complete and accurate personal financial report, which includes details about your income and assets and how much tax you have paid in the past year. You must file this report jointly with your spouse or another tax-paying citizen who is a valid U.S. tax payer. You cannot use any false information or misrepresentation in either your application for reporting foreign income or any other means to apply for such reporting. Failure to report foreign income can lead to criminal prosecution and penalties.

Second, when you report worldwide, you must file an application form with the IRS in order to obtain the proper documentation and application forms that you will need to file your return if you are filing an income tax return. Among other things, you will need a copy of your social security number, pay stubs, bank and investment statements, and passport photos. You must follow all applicable reporting rules, requirements and regulations when filing a report to avoid penalties. Reporting a foreign income is particularly important to ensure the proper treatment of your assets and income earned abroad.

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