Worldwide Coverage Insurance


Worldwide Coverage Insurance

(in British English) “A worldwide leader in trade and investment.” (in American English) “A world-class investor in the international market.” (in German) “A world leader in communications and information technology.” (in Dutch) “A world leader in providing security.” “A world leader in providing goods.”

In British English, the word is “the world’s most widely used phrase.” Worldwide coverage in the U.S.A. includes “the world’s most widely used phrase.” The meaning is similar in both languages: the phrase covers a wide area, the audience is global, and the language can be used to communicate across boundaries.

The insurance policies are worldwide in scope, because they cover a vast array of industries and regions. As an illustration, American companies have extensive worldwide coverage in the auto, capital goods, health care, chemical, petroleum, communications, transportation, utilities, and consumer goods industries. A primary factor that increases the worldwide coverage of an insurance policy is that the companies selling the policies are highly visible in the United States. The second factor is that in the United States, a relatively small percentage of the population owns the majority of the shares and therefore control the policies. The third factor is that, because of the size of the economy, the United States has a very large economy, which leads to a large percentage of the world’s total insurance sales.

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