Info Worldwide and Direct Mail: The New Way of Marketing

Info Worldwide, a business of the largest information company in the world, has recently started a new marketing campaign called “Direct Mail: The New Way of Marketing”. With this move, Info USA would combine direct marketing with e-marketing methods. This new plan for Info USA makes sense seeing how Info Worldwide’s core business has changed over the years as well as the changes the industry has undergone due to technology. The old business model relied heavily on direct mail campaigns to generate leads and then chase them with expensive telemarketing calls. With Direct Mail: The New Way Info USA is effectively leveraging its position in the market through traditional marketing methods to further increase sales and customer base.

info worldwide

Info USA can not currently be rated by Encompass Ratings Impact & Return method because (A) it’s eligible, but haven’t received much data on its performance; (B) haven’t yet developed an effective algorithm to measure its direct marketing impact; (It’s programs aren’t direct services.) Currently, Info USA is only rating its business processes on a C+.

The idea of combining direct marketing with e-marketing is nothing new in the direct marketing industry. This new marketing strategy from Info USA allows it to capitalize on its position in the market by focusing on the customer experience, engaging customers in real life, rather than sending a representative to talk to a cold phone number. With a bit of research, the company can discover what customers want from a marketing service and provide that with the help of a professional. I hope that Info USA takes this concept and applies it to their direct marketing efforts.

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