A Look At Future News Worldwide Events

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A Look At Future News Worldwide Events

Future News Worldwide is an initiative between the British Council, some of the leading international media companies and the UK government. The aim is for young people in the UK to become part of a team that helps to shape and improve the future of UK journalism and the industry in general. This initiative is a joint one with the government and the private sector to work on digital innovation, digital inclusion and digital citizenhood. It also works to improve media and journalism effectiveness and build a community around the development of new and innovative digital technology.

The Future News Worldwide project has been running for the past two and a half years and it is hoped that it can help to shape the future of UK journalism. The first phase of the campaign saw teams from some of the leading media organisations participating in training and giving away the first annual Future News Experience. This involved the teams from Jigsaw, Associated Press, Financial Times, The Guardian, the BBC, Sky, The Telegraph and many others from all over the UK getting together at a conference in London to explore how the industry can benefit from new technologies such as social networking. This was the first of several Future News worldwide events and the participants discussed some of the challenges that still exist in modern journalism.

Following the conference, there was another Future News worldwide event, this time at the forefront of digital technology at Defy Media in London. There was an inspiring exhibition of how journalism can best serve a community and this included a conversation about the future of news and how it can help to empower citizens and communities. At this event there were discussions about the growth of new platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and how these will affect the way news is distributed in future. A number of speakers brought forward the use of social networking in the context of covering stories, and there was a lot of discussion around the future of news.

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