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Agricultural Research Digest is a peer reviewed scientific journal which publishes original research related to agriculture. It publishes peer reviewed manuscripts in the areas of Biotechnology, Biomedical Research, Nutrition, Agriculture, and Environmental Science. This is one of the oldest and largest agricultural research journals in the world.

The journal is published by Oxford University Press and is continually under review. It is indexed by the AP Cortical Science Service and is accessible worldwide. It aims at publishing research from all over the world so as to contribute towards building of a global food information system. The global agricultural information system makes it possible to predict the supply and demand of agricultural products. With the help of such information, farmers are able to make timely decisions regarding the yield of crops, availability of food and other resources.

Agriculture is one of the most important components of modern society. It is responsible for meeting the rising food demand and promotes economic growth. It directly and indirectly supports political and social development. It plays a significant role in creating the standard of living for the rural population and increases the living standard of urban individuals. There is substantial scope for expanding the agriculture base in the developing world.

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