Future News – Education Systems and Public Sector Reform

Future News Worldwide refers to, young minds and trains the next generation of world leaders. It’s a collaboration programme between some of the world’s top media organisations and the prestigious British Council. The aim is to help young people to build a wide spectrum of journalism skills, to promote the UK as an progressive nation and to strengthen the role of youth in British society. It’s a very ambitious plan which includes a TV show, radio show, a magazine, a website and, of course, future training and development projects.

This year’s theme is “Building a Stronger Britain: Education Systems and the Future”. In this regard Future News Worldwide has chosen the theme “Covid-19: Education Systems and the Future” to help shape the way in which young people think about education and the role that they’ll play in the 21st Century. This theme draws on the fact that many of the most powerful people in the world come from powerful educational systems and that these educational systems need to continue to be at the forefront of learning.

The Education Week newspaper, for example, has supported Future News Worldwide’s work in helping young people take part in this important task and has called the partnership programme “a step in the right direction”, adding that it was “a first step in tackling one of the biggest challenges facing us today”. Education Week went further, saying that this programme was “a timely opportunity to ensure that the future of tomorrow’s youth is well protected”. The charity Education Trust also backed the project, stating that “the scope for learning and the impact that it can make is enormous”. This latest partnership is an excellent example of how news organisations and leading media organisations can work together to provide an educational platform which can challenge preconceptions and promote debate about important issues.

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