News: How to Make News Interesting

News is everything that someone somewhere needs to suppress; everything else is marketing. Put it front and center, simply so it will interest them for a short time, explicitly so that they’ll read it wholeheartedly, simply so that they’ll remember it later and follow it step by step. The problem with all of this, however, is that people aren’t very good at reading newspapers or magazines for a few reasons. Number one, they tend to be too dense and long to digest; number two, they tend to use too much filler and fluff. However, if you want to use the power of news to your advantage, then you’re going to need to understand how the news gets to you.


Newspapers and magazines are always delivered to their readers in some kind of delivery system. Some are electronic, while others are printed magazines. Either way, they almost always use a form of newsprint or news paper. This is actually the news event itself. Every day, newspapers and magazines issue a different amount and kind of news event. There are all kinds of breaking news stories, which get front-page news, celebrity news, international news, local sports, local government, and more.

All of these stories make up the news event itself. This means that there is a great deal of repetition within the news event, especially within the first paragraph and summary section. This is where the power of personal impact comes into play. If you want to make news or keep readers interested, you need to give them something interesting to chew on, something that makes the news entertaining but also something that makes the readers understand a little more about what’s going on.

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