Quality and Quantity of Information Worldwide

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Quality and Quantity of Information Worldwide

Information on Agriculture. ISSN:2075-5111. Agricultural Research Online is a peer reviewed, electronic publication that publishes peer reviewed, scientific articles on all facets of the agriculture information management. Articles may discuss agriculture research and development, agriculture marketing, or agriculture economics. All writing submitted for publication is by individuals or corporations wishing to have their views published in an internet journal.

The journal covers a variety of topics from global economics to marketing strategy. Issues are researched, written, and peer reviewed. Authors of articles are chosen from a pool of authors based on their knowledge of the subject and their interests in the field of information management. The Journal of the Chemical Industry (CCHI) online is an online publication covering chemical business research.

In addition to articles, there are many free reports also available as PDF’s that provide a concise description and summary of an industry case study. There are many other industry specific journals available online such as those dealing with food and beverages, poultry, dairy, pharmaceuticals, fruits and vegetables, and animal feeds. These journals are for wide use in the fields related to each specialty. The goal of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) site is to enhance food safety through knowledge dissemination.

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