News Worldwide – How It Has Come To Be One Of The Leading Media Organisations

Future News Worldwide is the leading programme to kick-off and continues the ongoing work of Future News, an international independent news agency representing the UK. Headquartered in central London, it aims to bring together global business and media movers and shakers through a single window. The company is led by Managing Editor Peter Taylor and Executive Managing Editor Nick Ross. They have been at the forefront of online and print news in the UK for over a decade, delivering cutting edge content to global markets.

news worldwide

The Future News website has grown to more than double its original size in just three years. It now reaches over two billion people across the world and is renowned for its in-depth coverage of major events and breaking news worldwide. One in four stories is dedicated to breaking news worldwide and this year saw the scoop of how journalism can best serve a city in crisis with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. As well as this, covid-19 was awarded the “world’s best news story” in 2021. This scoop was based on information from citizens in North Carolina that helped save thousands of lives when Hurricane Sandy knocked out power to their homes.

covid-19 also brought news of how journalism can best serve the global public by publishing short reports and videos, which can be circulated across Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. In addition to helping residents in disaster areas, these videos are the leading media organisations have adopted to help people in need. The company’s video on how to help Hurricane Sandy recovery went viral in under 24 hours and raised millions of dollars for charities. It was one of the most viewed stories on YouTube during the hurricane and many people are reported to have donated large sums of money to assist the rebuilding effort in New Jersey. Although the company is based in London, it targets regions around the world and is especially active in India, South Africa, Pakistan, the Philippines and Haiti. A spokesperson told the Indian newspaper India Today that it would expand its activities globally in the future.

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