What Are the Different Kinds of News that Are Considered News?

News, in its broadest sense, is anything that reports a happening. In its most simple form, the word news is synonymous to ‘the news’. The purpose of the news media, then, is to convey information about any given subject, so that people who are interested in it can have access to it when it is happening. It is one way of spreading awareness and informing people about current events, or anything that is going on in the world. There are many types of news, all having their own purposes and features, but what we are interested in now is the general idea of news.


One of the most common features of news, whether in print or online, is that of breaking news. This kind of news is not as much about the happenings of a single country or city, but rather, is more about what is happening in the world, as a whole. For instance, if there is a bus accident in Los Angeles, then that will be news, no matter what nationality was involved. Likewise, if someone breaks into your home and steals your possessions, then that too will be newsworthy, no matter who the burglar is. News about human activity, especially unusual human activity, is also a feature of news, and as mentioned above, it has multiple purposes and can be presented in many different ways.

While some may simply take it as an intrusion into their personal lives, others may view it in a different light altogether. If someone steals from you or kills your loved ones, then you will want to know about it as soon as possible. That is why local news stations strive to keep up with different trends and changes in the world and the people living in it by reporting them. While there is no real way to foresee every story that will break about human activity, knowing what kinds of stories your newspaper will cover helps you feel less stressed out about your life, and helps other readers who may be affected by the news as well. Knowing which kinds of stories are important to your community helps you to feel empowered and gives you an outlet for discussing the issues that are important to you and your community.

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