The Meaning of News in the Internet Age

We all read news and it has been a point that news is considered as a good source of information. Some news is reporting real world happenings and other news is just for entertainment purpose. Examples of news sentences. A news article is usually a straightforward report about events which have occurred in the real world. Sometimes a news report can also be a fake story or an untrue story.


Examples of news sentences. An example of a news sentence is “A local news report stated that the car of a United States soldier was stolen by terrorists in Afghanistan.” In this news report the reporter tried to inform the public with this sentence but in fact he added more filler words such as “killed” and “in Afghanistan” to create the false information. In some cases even though the story was Fake, the event is being reported by the local news where the whole event did not take place at all. Therefore, the whole purpose of news is only for entertainment and not for any real-life facts.

Examples of news events. Another example of news is the reports created by various journalists about recent events which were very interesting and relevant. However, you will see many examples of fake news in the local newspapers which just contains a few well-written sentences but no proof whatever. In recent years, the Fake news has become very popular among some journalists who try to create interest in some current event by creating fake news.

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